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Bushwillow Venue is in close proximity to Pretoria and within easy access from Johannesburg. It is a family owned business and the farm (Tierpoort) on which it is situated, has been in the Annandale family since 1860.

The area is quite picturesque with soft hills and dales and the Pienaars’ river meandering lazily through it. The Combretum erythrophyllum (Bushwillow) grows in abundance along the river banks and the venue appropriately takes its name from this tree. Other indigenous trees like the Celtis Africana (white stinkwood), Taaibos, Gwarriebos and various thorn trees species also grow profusely in the valley.

Small animals like hares, porcupine, leguan, duiker and jackals are common in the area. A large variety of birds, of which the Kingfisher family is a general favourite, can be seen. In winter, when the deciduous trees have shed their leaves, it is easy to spot the “shy” varieties of birds.

Bushwillow Venue caters for weddings, birthdays and various other special functions. The cuisine is largely typical South African with the emphasis on excellent quality.


Wedding Functions

For that special day that only comes once in a lifetime…BUSHWILLOW is the perfect place to be!


Birthday Celebrations

No matter whether you turn 16,21, 40 or more. At BUSHWILLOW you can certainly dance the night away celebrating that special occasion!


Year-end Functions

Want to end the year on a high note? Bushwillow is the place to be where we cater to your every need!


We also cater for smaller MATRIC FAREWELLS, CORPORATE FUNCTIONS etc.

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